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V5 Pro
  • Robot do not work with fully charge.

    Please check if the power button is on.

  • Does robot have mop bracket ?

    The mop bracket is on the bottom of paper tray.

  • Why is the charging base not working?

    1.Check whether the indicator light on the base is shining or not. If not, it indicates that the socket is not compatible with the charging base. If this is the case, use the AC adapter to plug directly into the robot to charge.

    2.It is advised not to place the machine into the charging dock by hand, because electrodes of the charging dock are too small to be targeted accurately, which will cause the robot to not charge.

    3.It is advised to control the robot back to the charging dock automatically by placing the robot in front of the charging dock and pressing the “HOME” button on the remote.

  • Why is the robot dropping dust/dirt while cleaning?

    1.Check whether the dust bin is full.

    2.Check whether HEPA filter is dirty/clogged. If so, suction power is reduced.

    3.The sides brush will flick small dirt here and there, but it will finally pick them up.

    4.The left electricity of new robot is insufficient, and suction power is weak. please charge the machine fully. 

  • Why is the power suction reduced?

    1.Please check whether the HEPA filter is stained or not, if is,please clean flitter or replace the HEPA.

    2.Check whether the suction inlet is blocked by scrap, or this situation meaning under low electric quantity. It is advised to clean and charge immediately.

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