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  • Why does the robot just work for a few seconds to stop working, and the red light turn solid?

    Please clean side wheel and side brush, Which ensure side wheel and side brush work normally.

  • Why does the robot keep circling in small area?

    Please check side wheel and bumper, Which ensure side wheel and bumper work normally. 

  • When hit barrier,robot can not draw back .

    Bumper’s sponge of the new robot should be take out when it works.

  • How do I use “Schedule Mode?”

    Step1: Aim the remote toward the robot and press the “CLEAN” button to wake the robot when it is in sleeping mode. You will hear 1 beep tone.


    Step2: While still aiming the remote toward the robot, set the schedule time on the remote that you want the robot to begin cleaning.


    Step3: When you are done setting the time, press the “PLAN” button on the remote to save your schedule program. You will hear 1 “beep” tone if you have successfully completed the schedule setting program.


    Note: When you are using the remote to schedule a cleaning time, make sure the remote is


    close to the robot, or you will not be able to successfully use the scheduling feature. After using the schedule setting feature, ensure the robot is always powered on, otherwise the schedule setting will not work.


    If you want to cancel the schedule time, adjust the time to 00:00.

  • Why has the robot stopped working?

    Make sure that the power switch on the robot is set to “ON.” If the robot is still not working, it may have ran out of power and will need to be manually placed on the charging base.

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