Hybrid vacuuming & mopping robot vacuum

Vacuuming and
mopping in one

The V55 is equipped with vacuuming
and mopping cleaning modes. Vacuuming
with powerful suction, dirt and dust
are easily picked up. Mopping with
water tank and cleaning cloth, it easily
wipes off the dirt on hard floors.

Two suction modes for choice

The V55 is equipped with common suction mode and max suction mode. The common
suction mode is designed for a quick cleaning with less noise. The max suction mode
is designed for powerful cleaning.

Multiple cleaning modes

  • Auto Cleaning

    Clean automatically

  • Spot Cleaning

    Clean a specific area

  • Edge Cleaning

    Clean corners and edges

Smart ElctroWall

The ElectroWall enables the V55 only clean the required rooms
and areas to avoid running away.

Clean on a schedule

With clean on schedule feature,
you can program the robot to clean
any time of the day, either you are
around or not.

Extra Large RoadRover Wheels

Extra large wheels move smoothly over obstacles, transitioning
from hard floors to carpet with ease.

Large area coverage

The high-capacity battery enables the
V55 to cover a larger area on a single

Auto Charge

Automatically goes back to its charge
base when battery runs low.

Smart protection sensors

Smart protection sensors enable the V55 to avoid dangerous collisions and drop-offs.