Love your pets, clean their mess

Meet V3s Pro
With powerful suction and AirAway Technology, pets shedding and home dirt are easily handled.

Loving pets shed, what if you are busy

Your dogs and cats shed almost through the year and could be everywhere on floors of any rooms, let alone the
mess caused by the naughty pets. It’s a continuous work to handle. You need a helper that can easily clean up
when you are busy and be friendly with them.

Powerful suction & AirAway technology

The V3s Pro robot vacuum is packed with powerful suction that could easily pick up dirt, hair, grime, peanuts
and crumbs. The AirAway technology double filters separate dirt from air effectively to keep suction
power longer with less clogging, meanwhile let out fresh air. So you can rest assured of pets shedding and
naughty to enjoy a clean and fresh home.

Just one click, the mission is on

One click on Clean button and easily schedule for 7 days cleaning a week, V3s Pro will accomplish the mission
no matter you are there or not.

Multiple cleaning modes customize your cleaning needs

V3s Pro is equipped with different cleaning modes from edge cleaning mode, auto cleaning mode,
spot cleaning mode to schedule cleaning mode to customize your cleaning needs.

Automatic docks and charges

When the battery power gets low, V3s Pro automatically returns to its charging dock to recharge.

Extra large RoadRover wheels

With extra large RoadRover wheels, crossing obstacles from room to
room become more stable and easy.

V3s Pro

Full set of advanced sensors